Pick-Me-Ups: Nova Scotia's Pumpkin Regatta

Oct 11, 2010
Originally from Nashville, Toby is very social and loves media.


In Nova Scotia, they prefer pumpkins to boats. (Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)

Boating:  Each year, 1,000-pound pumpkins are turned into boats for racing in Nova Scotia's Pumpkin Regatta. [CanadaCool]

Music: Write 300 words about love, and Belle and Sebastian's next song could be about you. [Matador Records]

Canada: If you know any Canadians, make sure to wish them a happy Thanksgiving today. [Manila Bulletin]

Snacks: Scientists in England have found a solution to that noisy potato chip packaging problem. [GreenBiz]

Film: Al Pacino has signed on to play the role of infamous producer Phil Spector on HBO. [Paste Magazine]

Fast Food: The McRib locator is being used to track down the elusive McDonalds McRib sandwich. [Time]

Carnivores: A new species has been discovered in Madagascar for the first time in 24 years. [MongaBay]


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