Click List: October 7, 2010

Oct 7, 2010
Originally from Nashville, Toby is very social and loves media.
Well, pardner, a horse is still the best transit available. (John Vizcaino/Reuters)

Stories from around the Web that inform, incense, and inspire us here at TakePart:

Alternative Fuel: With ridership up, transit agencies are now making the wise decision to harness kinetic energy. [Huffington Post]

Climate Change: Figures show the extreme carbon footprint of a volcano. [Guardian]

Women's Rights: Michelle Obama tops the list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women. You'll be surprised to see who's at #7... [Forbes]

Social Action: Here's a well written retort to Malcolm Gladwell's claim that social media cannot be a tool for change. [Change Observer]

Technology: Five percent of babies under the age of 2 now have a social media profile, and 7 percent have an email address. [The Next Web]

Literature: A new Ted Hughes poem, chronicling the days after Sylvia Plath's suicide, has surfaced. [The Awl]

Obesity: Mayor Bloomberg might ban New York citizens from using food stamps to buy soft drinks. [CBS]

Biodiversity: Strange new species are being discovered in Papua New Guinea. [TreeHugger]

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