Click List: September 30, 2010

Sep 30, 2010
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Stories from around the Web that inform, incense, and inspire us here at TakePart:

Immigration: What exactly did Meg Whitman do to her maid? [Double Ex]

Education: A quiz from the Pew Forum allows users to test their knowledge of religion. [Pew Forum]

Literacy: A new study shows that children are more eager to try e-books than parents. [Yahoo]

Disability Rights: An inspiring video shows a high school student with Down syndrome scoring a touchdown. [Tonic]

Technology: Google Street View is now available in Antarctica. [USA Today]

Fair Trade: A shea butter cream from Nigeria allows you to get rid of your stretch marks while doing some good. [Tonic]

Obesity: Is ice cream like cocaine for overeaters? Brain imaging says yes. [Physorg]

HIV/AIDS: Access to treatment for HIV/AIDS is becoming more accessible for those who need it most. [The Economist]

Air Pollution: China has the worst air pollution in the world. [NTDTV]

Clean Water: Eighty percent of the global water supply is at risk because of overfishing, overuse of water, and pollution. [National Geographic]

Education Reform: New school integration plans in Louisville focus on class instead of race. But is the new approach any better? [USA Today]

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