Pakistan Floods Hurt Women and Children Most

Sep 14, 2010· 0 MIN READ
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Raging floodwaters in Pakistan show zero mercy for women and children, who make up nearly 70 percent of the 18 million affected by the unrelenting disaster.

Of the 18 million souls affected by flooding in Pakistan, 70 percent are women and children. (Photo: Morteza Nikoubazi/Reuters)

According to the World Health Organization, half a million pregnant Pakistani women trapped by the floods will give birth over the next six months; about 32,000 of them will experience complications.

The nightmare began nearly two months ago when monsoon rains swallowed the Indus River valley, forcing millions to flee their homes with their lives in tow.

Help has been slow in coming, keeping children and expectant mothers starved for aid. Many are forced to give birth by the roadside or in makeshift camps.

Clean water and towels are among the most-needed items for Pakistan's endangered mothers-to-be, along with food, security and medicine.