Click List: September 7, 2010

Sep 7, 2010
Originally from Nashville, Toby is very social and loves media.

Stories from around the Web that inform, inspire and incense us here at TakePart:

Energy Efficiency: China is predicted to have 200 million cars by the year 2020. [AFP]

Air Pollution: A new advertising campaign in Hong Kong claims to sell fresh air. [TIME]

Children's Health: Save the Children reports that 4 million children have died from neglect over the past 10 years. [BBC]

School Nutrition: School children in Japan are eating whale meat for lunch. [Epoch Times]

Green Living: The Greenasium in San Diego is a gym powered by electricity from its bikers. [Live Science]

Nuclear Proliferation: Kansas City is opening its doors to nuclear weapons. [St. Louis Public Radio]

Alternative Fuel: Scientists predict that coal supplies will peak in 2011. [Planet Green]

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