No-Touch Waterless Urinals at Home?

Aug 27, 2010· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.
At $248 a pop, Santa may be delivering loads of eco-urinals come Christmas. (Photo: Christian Charisius/Reuters)

The no-touch, no-flush, waterless urinal is coming to a bathroom near you. is reporting that the Waterless Company, which invented the non-water-using urinal in the early 1990s, will ship a waterless urinal tailored for the residential market this week.

According to Building Green, the Baja urinal is a no-flush, touch-free appliance that sells for $248.

Company President Klaus Reichart told Green Building Advisor how the savings are calculated:

If there are two males in a home, each using the urinal three uses per day, times 340 days at home, the Baja urinal will replace about 2,040 toilet flushes per year, providing annual water savings of about 3,250 gallons (assuming 1.6 gpf toilets). The savings go up with more males (family members or friends).

According to Jetson Green, the waste filtration system works in the following manner:

Baja is made with a patented EcoTrap system. Basically, fluid flows down into the drain insert and passes through BlueSeal, which is a biodegradable trap liquid that's lighter than water or urine. After about 20 seconds, waste liquid overflows into the central tube and down the drain.