UnEarthed! Lost Technologies

Aug 25, 2010· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.
Roman cement is on the lost technology list—can you name the other nine? (Photo: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)

Not a day passes, it seems, when a new piece of life-altering, world-changing technology isn't introduced or envisioned.

TakePart has covered a fair share of ultramodern miracles:

-- green farming on Mars --

-- the first solar power plant on the moon --

-- a hotel made from ocean trash --

-- a parking garage that decomposes after 20 years --

-- improvised medical gadgets that save lives.

But these are the technologies of today and tomorrow.

What happened to yesterday's bright ideas?

For whatever reason, some technologies simply slip through the cracks of history.

Rediscover great moments in applied science that don't apply anymore at TopTenz.Net's Top 10 Lost Technologies.