Click List: August 25, 2010

Aug 25, 2010· 1 MIN READ

Stories from around the Web today that inform, inspire and incense us here at TakePart:

Nutrition: The latest antioxidant-packed superfood is "forbidden" black rice from Asia. [Telegraph].

Food Safety: The U.S. declined to use a vaccine for hens that could have prevented the massive salmonella outbreak. [HuffPost].

Nuclear Proliferation: The leader of the terrorist group Hezbollah called on Lebanon to invest in nuclear power. [UPI].

Gay Rights: Turns out, despite "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," there's a thriving gay underground at West Point, the nation's premier military academy. [Towleroad].

Gay Rights II: Oh, and the nation's top Marine would rather not repeal the armed forces' ban on openly gay servicemembers, but he'll do it if forced. [Sky News "American Pie" Blog].

Gulf Oil Spill: Seems like some hungry, hungry bacteria are eating most of the oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico. [NPR News].

Landfills: Call it "Eau de Stank": a New Jersey landfill is using giant perfume atomizers to mask the smelly scent of its trash. [NBC New York].

Education Reform: The nation's schools chief, Arne Duncan, is going to push Wednesday for the release of data showing how effective individual teachers are at raising student test scores. [LA Times].

Disability Rights: The Special Olympics have denied entry to a suburban Chicago basketball player because she competes with a dog attached to an oxygen tank. [Chicago Tribune].

Disaster Relief: The U.S. is trying to win over hearts and minds in flood-ravaged Pakistan by sending in soldiers with aid, rather than unmanned aerial drones. [GlobalPost].

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