Iraq War (Sort of) Ends!: Colbert Honors Returning Combat Troops

Aug 20, 2010
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.
Dust off that army suit, Stephen Colbert, and prepare to have your head shaved once again. (Photo: Ho New/Reuters)

The Iraq war is over!

Well...not exactly, but all so-called combat troops have returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Stephen Colbert is just the person to welcome them back to the U.S.

The comedian is shining his combat boots, pressing his camouflage suit and gearing up to honor the service men and women in a two-episode special called "Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape." 

The show will air on September 8 and 9. The audience will be service members in the studio and via satellite from Afghanistan, Iraq and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

According to the New York Post, Colbert said "not to expect visits from any non-heroes."

While the decision by the Obama administration to bring home U.S. combat troops from Iraq deserves applause and appreciation, 50,000 troops are still there serving our country.

The Washington Post reports that these troops are being designated as "mainly a training force."

Colbert announced his special on Thursday evening. Here's a clip:

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