The Weekly Linkery: 10/29

Oct 29, 2009· 1 MIN READ

How to Write about Africa videoThe Peepoo bagDesign the next ONE shirtSavior Bud Device for clean waterDo turtles have eyelashes?Star Wars Uncut

1. How (not) to write about Africa

Literary magazine Granta originally published a short essay by Binyavanga Wainaina called "How to Write About Africa." It's satirical take on the million cliches used in modern media about Africa became required reading for my interns at Invisible Children. Now watch it here, being performed by Djimon Hounsou, and make it required reading.

2. 2.6 billion people just got their own toilet

Sanitation is an integral part of establishing clean water for billions worldwide, and "flying toilets" (the usual plastic bag slash toilet that people chuck out the window into crazy piles) are causing their own little environmental problems. The Peepoople (great name, right?!) created a one-time use bag that's wonderfully biodegradable. (via GreenUpgrader)

3. You could be the ONE

Bono's lovechild organization, ONE, is open for submissions for ONE MORE WEEK for their new African-produced, fair-traded, 100% organic t-shirt. A panel of expert judges will select the top three designs, and then ONE members will be able to vote for their fave and buy the winner. Deadline = November 3rd, and the design must be in black and white and include the ONE logo.

4. Collect drinking water from a tree

Aside from the creepy, bionic photos, the newest clean water invention has an interesting proposition: clip it onto a branch and start collecting water from the leaves. Within four hours, you have a full glass of potable water. Welcome to the future.

5. Toddler science is the best!

BoingBoing is asking readers to submit questions from toddlers that are kinda too tough to quickly answer. The first: do turtles have eyelashes? Tune in for a serious(ly random) science education.

6. Your piece of the Star Wars pie

Help recreate "Star Wars: A New Hope"...15 seconds at a time. That's right: you can finally dress Fido in that Princess Leia getup. Go online, claim your section of the movie, and make somethingggg! You can take up to three scenes, but claim one now - only 48 slots are left!