The Weekly Linkery

Dec 9, 2015· 0 MIN READ

Redesigned dollar bill project on Ministry of TypeSubmit your idea that matter to SappiRent your extra space on HomstieRunPee for when you need to go08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign TrailSave energy - save animals (2) by Viktoriya Gadomska on Good50x70

1. Redesign the American dollar - send in your own ideas or check out the Euro-versions. I mean, why not Barbie?
(via Kottke)

2. Submit your idea that matters to the world, then get some money to make it happen. We gotta think positive, people.

3. Strapped for cash? Rent out your extra space so random people can store stuff. Or...did you just move into a smaller apartment to save on rent/are dealing with all the crap you bought while the economy was still hot? Find an opening at an attic near you to store it all.

4. Before you hit the IMAX to see Terminator this weekend (or maybe Star Trek for the 11th time), check out when you can run to the potty...since you will have probably eaten about 10-lbs-worth of watermelon right before.

5. Now that Obama's in office, relive the magic in graphic novel form.
(via Boing Boing)

6. After a ton of submissions, Good50x70 is featuring 210 of their favorite posters that get the point across for issues like child labour and the war on terror. We need more cool posters.

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