About Us

TakePart is a place for people who care about the world and want to live their lives accordingly. We feature original articles by journalists, activists, and experts about everything from climate change to LGBTQ rights to whether Big Macs should technically be considered food.

As the digital division of Participant Media, the folks who brought you such acclaimed documentaries as Food, Inc., An Inconvenient Truth, and The Cove, TakePart is also a hub for the hundreds of thousands of highly active and loyal fans of these films.

But there’s more—much more. (Like, the word “more” feels vaguely inadequate here.) In addition to being a place to read about issues that matter, TakePart is a place to make a difference. We believe more people would get involved if they had intuitive, trusted ways to do so (call us crazy), so we’re providing just that.

Accompanying each article you read on TakePart, you’ll find a way to take meaningful and immediate action—sign a petition, donate, send support, take a pledge. Even better, each action is vetted by our intimidatingly knowledgeable Social Action team, so you know you’ll be lending your voice to a good cause.

We recognize, too, that in today’s world you also vote and speak with your wallet, so you’ll find lifestyle articles to help you make safe, responsible, ethical choices on grocery store shelves, in the dressing room, at the drug store, and beyond—without compromising taste or quality. (No chafe-tastic hemp underwear for you, dear reader.)


Participant Media founder Jeff Skoll on the power of a story well told

TakePart is proud to host news and lifestyle stories, opinion pieces, and feature articles by some of the world’s foremost thought leaders, journalists, academics, and activists. The purpose of this content is to represent a range of informed perspectives on important issues. The views expressed by these voices on TakePart may not correspond to those of the owner or executives of Participant Media, or even of TakePart itself. That’s because we believe in fostering intelligent debate on complex issues and aim to be a forum for such discourse.

While we strive to attain a diversity of perspectives, not all opinions on a given issue will be represented equally on TakePart. Editors make determinations about how best to frame the issues and recognize that readers are free to explore other media to acquire a broader perspective on a topic. TakePart partners with NGOs, affiliated brands, other Participant businesses, and/or sponsors to create content and actions on TakePart. We also host op-eds by third-party experts, representatives from our NGO affiliates, and other colleagues who may express opinions that challenge other content on the site or diverge from the views of the people behind Participant Media. All such content is labeled accordingly.


Both TakePart and Pivot are divisions of Participant Media, the company behind powerful documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc., and Waiting for Superman, as well as acclaimed narrative films like Syriana, Good Night Good Luck, The Help, Contagion, and Lincoln. Founded by philanthropist and social entrepreneur Jeff Skoll in 2004, Participant Media was created in the belief that a story well told can change the world.


If you’ve got feedback, recommendations, or any additional questions about what we do, how we do it, what we ate for breakfast—anything, really—we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.