There are plenty of ways to make a difference with Tastemakers, whether it’s pledging to have a sustainable holiday season or supporting access to healthy, locally grown produce for underserved communities. You can have an impact by taking the actions below.

A new USDA proposal would speed up poultry slaughter lines, reduce the number of inspectors at poultry plants, and encourage plants to create their own inspection guidelines. This would leave inspectors with just one-third of a second to inspect each carcass! Tell the USDA and OMB to reject this proposal and encourage reform that will actually improve public health and prevent foodborne illness.
Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support local farmers and have fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your doorstep weekly. Instead of buying produce grown thousands of miles away, CSAs create a direct link between consumers and nearby farms.
The holidays can be stressful, but having a sustainable holiday season doesn’t need to be. With some time and planning, you can prepare a holiday feast reduces environmental impact and supports local farmers.
Download the delicious TakePart Tastemaker recipes and, in return, help Wholesome Wave provide locally-grown food to communities across the country!