New Zealand Boy Saves Dog From Violent Cricket Bat Attack

For his bravery, 12-year-old Damon Boyer-Marwood will be honored by the SPCA.


Who would ever hurt this gal? (Photo: SPCA)

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals plans to honor a 12-year-old New Zealand boy for an act of bravery that saved a little dog.

Last week Damon Boyer-Marwood was walking home from school when he heard an animal yelping. He discovered a group of boys taking turns kicking a small white terrier mix. One of the assailants was hitting the dog with a cricket bat, a spokesman from the Wellington SPCA told TV New Zealand.

Damon told the boys to leave. “They stood there for a bit, then they ran inside,” said Damon. He then took the dog to a friend’s house before calling the SPCA.

The dog was terrified, shaky and covered with bruises. She was traced to her owner, Sosefina Leota, through a microchip.

Leota met Damon and thanked him. “I want to thank him from my heart, I want to know his face,” said Leota.

“It makes you wonder what would have happened if he didn’t step in,” said Jenny Marwood, Damon’s grandmother.

Wellington SPCA inspector Kaycee Polkinghorne said the organization was working with the police to investigate the matter.

"Because of the ages, there's not a lot we can do prosecution-wise, but it does reinforce the importance of having education in schools about things like this. You just have to wonder what's going on to make them think this is acceptable behavior."

What punishment should these boys face?

Jocelyn Heaney is an English instructor, animal activist and freelance writer for L.A. Review of Books and Warner Bros. Pictures, among others. Her favorite animals are great white sharks, horses and all cats. She is currently at work on a memoir. Email Jocelyn | @JocelynHeaney