Man Abandons Suitcase Full of Puppies, Leaves Name Tag Attached

Stupid is as stupid does for Ohioan charged with animal abandonment.


dogs on suitcases
Look at those cute faces! (Photo: Courtesy David Zapotsky/The Blade)

Here's a story destined for the dumb criminal hall of fame. 

Howard Davis, 53, of Toledo would have surely gotten away with abandoning his English bulldog mix and her six puppies by zipping them inside a suitcase and leaving it on a corner—if he’d remembered to remove the luggage tag bearing his contact information.

"It's unfortunate he chose to abandon the dogs," said John Dinon, the Humane Society's executive director, to the Associated Press. "If he had just called us and said he couldn't care for them, we would have taken them and he wouldn't have been charged with a crime."

Passers-by found the suitcase containing the four-week old puppies (three males and three females) alongside their mother, who was slightly thin.

The dogs will be sent to a foster home until they’re ready for adoption.

Davis is scheduled to appear in Toledo Municipal Court on April 13.

If convicted, what should be the punishment for this man?

Jocelyn Heaney is an English Instructor, animal activist and freelance writer for L.A. Review of Books, and Warner Brothers Pictures among others.  Her favorite animals are great white sharks, horses and all cats. She is currently at work on a memoir. Email Jocelyn | @JocelynHeaney